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Posted by : Gia primana July 08, 2013

utk pencinta sepak bola dlm negeri wajib download nich, transfernya, dan visualnya bnyak yg update dari versi sblmunya....

[ New Features ]
x Update Promotion Team
x Update New Transfer
x Update New Faces
x Update New Kits
x New Graphic
x Fix Austria bug in FL
x Adding 4 New Stadium (Gajayana, Maguwuharjo, Gelora Bung Karno, Gelora Bung Tomo)
x Adding 70+ Callnames for ISL

[ General Features ]
x Licensing EPL and Zon Sagres league
x Correcting Player's Name
x Standalone Patch
x Standalone DLC
x Standalone Launcher
x Adding ISL (Indonesia Super League) and 2 Indonesia League (Second Division)
x Adding 200+ Face and hair for ISL team
x Update Transfer for ISL
x Adding Indonesia and Malaysia national team available for Match and FL

[ Bug ]
Please find them !

[ Download Link ]

Part 1 - http://adf.ly/RfpVl
Part 2 - http://adf.ly/Rfpk3
Part 3 - http://adf.ly/RfprO
Part 4 - http://adf.ly/Rfpxr
Part 5 - http://adf.ly/Rfq5p
Part 6 - http://adf.ly/RfqAl
[Official Link]

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